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Seeker is a primal controller class in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[PH3:116]

Class traits[]

A 1st level seeker begins with hit points equal to 12 plus the seeker's Constitution score, healing surges per day equal to 7 plus the seeker's Constitution modifier, and a +1 bonus to Reflex and Will defenses. A seeker gains 5 hit points per level.

Class proficiencies[]

A 1st level seeker begins with cloth and leather armor proficiencies, and simple melee, simple ranged, and military ranged weapon proficiencies.

Class skills[]


A seeker begins trained in:

Plus any three of the following skills:

Class features[]

Seekers gain the Inevitable Shot and Seeker's Bond class features.

Inevitable Shot[]

Seekers gain inevitable shot as an encounter power. Inevitable shot allows the seeker to make a ranged basic attack after missing with a ranged attack.

Seeker's Bond[]

A seeker chooses one of the following options and gains its benefits.


  • The seeker gains encaging spirits as an encounter power. Encaging spirits pushes and slows enemies within a close burst.
  • The seeker can shift as a minor action, rather than a move action, when not wearing heavy armor.


  • The seeker gains spirits' rebuke as an encounter power. Spirits' rebuke pushes and damages a melee attacker that misses the seeker.
  • The seeker gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls using light thrown and heavy thrown weapons.
  • Thrown weapons with which the seeker is proficient return to the seeker's hand after each attack.
  • The seeker may use his or her Strength modifier, instead of Dexterity or Intelligence, when calculating AC when not wearing heavy armor.

Seeker powers[]

Seeker powers, having a primal power source, are also called evocations.

At-will attack evocations

1st level

  • thorn cloud shot[PH3:118]
  • tidal spirit shot[Dr413:32]
Encounter attack evocations Daily attack evocations Utility evocations

1st level

  • flickering arrow[PH3:119]
  • mischief spirits[PH3:119]
  • possessing spirits[PH3:119]
  • serpent arrow[PH3:119]
  • spider spirits[PH3:119]
  • steel forest[Dr389:42]

1st level

  • fungal blooms[PH3:119]
  • persistent arrow[Dr389:42]
  • rime strike[PH3:119]
  • spirit rider[PH3:119]
  • storm of spirit shards[PH3:120]
  • swarming bats[PH3:120]

2nd level

  • harrying spirits[PH3:120]
  • hunter's instinct[PH3:120]
  • stag's grace[PH3:120]
  • stone spirit ward[PH3:120]
  • warding arrow[Dr389:42]

Seeker feats[]

These feats have the seeker class, or hybrid/multiclass seeker, as a prerequisite. Additional prerequisites are noted.

Seeker paragon paths[]

These paragon paths have the seeker class, or hybrid/multiclass seeker, as a prerequisite. Additional prerequisites are noted.

Multiclass seekers[]

Characters who did not start as seekers and who do not already have a multiclass feat of a type other than multiclass seeker may select a multiclass seeker feat. Each multiclass seeker feat grants all of the following benefits:

  • Training in Nature.
  • Counting as a seeker and controller, in addition to the original class and role, for feat and paragon path requirements.
  • Ability to take Novice Power, Acolyte Power, and Adept Power feats to exchange powers for seeker powers.
  • Taking a multiclass encounter, multiclass utility, and multiclass daily feat (such as Novice, Acolyte, and Adept Power) for seeker allows paragon multiclassing in seeker instead of taking a paragon path. Paragon multiclassed seekers select seeker powers instead of paragon path powers.

The published multiclass seeker feats are:

  • Primal Sharpshooter: Use of inevitable shot once per day. Use of inevitable shot is not regained when spending an action point. Use of one 1st-level seeker at-will attack power once per encounter.[PH3:193]

Hybrid seekers[]