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Shaped Consciousness
Pison Feature

You shape a fragment of your consciousness, bringing it into existence to extend your scope on the battlefield.

Effect: You conjure a fragment of your consciousness in an unoccupied square in the burst. The fragment lasts until the end of the encounter or until you dismiss it as a minor action. The fragment occupies its square, and you and your allies can move through it. When you take a move action, you can also move your fragment a number of squares equal to your speed. You can see, hear, and use psion powers as if you were in your fragment’s space.
Your fragment can be attacked. If it takes any damage, it disappears. It is immune to your attacks.

Shaped Consciousness is a Psion encounter power, available to psions who selected the Shaper focus. [PsP:85]

It provides the same benefit as the 11th level power in the Dreamwalker paragon path.


  • Body and MindChar-op rank 2 (11th level): Gain +1 bonus to all defenses when the conjuration is within 5 squares.
  • Double ScrutinyChar-op rank 1: Gain a +3 bonus to insight and perception checks when the conjuration is within 5 squares