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This illustration of a shifter by Tyler Jacobson accompanied the "Winning Races: Shifter" article in Dragon issue #387.

Abilities Wisdom and Strength (Longtooth)
Wisdom and Dexterity (Razorclaw)
Skills Athletics
Endurance (Longtooth)
Stealth (Razorclaw)
Size Medium
Speed Average
Vision Low-Light
Languages Common + 1
Traits Longtooth Shifting (Longtooth)
Razorclaw Shifting (Razorclaw)
Avg. height 5'7"–6'0"
170–183 cm
Avg. weight 130–180 lbs.
59–82 kg

Shifter is a player character race in Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition as one of the races in the second Player's Handbook.[MM:279][PH2:16]

There are two types of shifters, longtooth and razorclaw. Longtooth shifters are more suited to primary combat, whereas razorclaw shifters are more suited to stealthier roles.

Racial Traits

Longtooth shifters can use the longtooth shifting racial power.

Razorclaw shifters can use the razorclaw shifting racial power.