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A short rest allows you to renew your encounter powers and spend healing surges to regain hit points.

  • Duration: A short rest is about 5 minutes long.
  • No Limit per Day: You can take as many short rests per day as you want.
  • No Strenuous Activity: You have to rest during a short rest. You can stand guard, sit in place, ride on a wagon or other vehicle, or do other tasks that don’t require much exertion.
  • Renew Powers: After a short rest, you renew your encounter powers, so they are available for your next encounter.
  • Spend Healing Surges: After a short rest, you can spend as many healing surges as you want. If you run out of healing surges, you must take an extended rest to regain them.
  • Using Powers while You Rest: If you use an encounter power (such as a healing power) during a short rest, you need another short rest to renew it so that you can use it again.
  • Interruptions: If your short rest is interrupted, you need to rest another 5 minutes to get the benefits of a short rest.