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Solace Bole
Travel 12
Time: 10 minutes (see text)
Duration: 1 hour (see text)
Component Cost: 500gp
Market Price: 2600gp
Key Skill: Arcana

Solace Bole is a ritual introduced in Alliance at Nefelus.[Dr165:50]

You and up to five other creatures you designate within 10 squares of you are transported to a sealed hollow the size of a comfortable room within a magical tree in the Feywild. The hollow has a glowing light you can control and is filled with sweet air. You can remain within the bole for up to 12 hours. Thereafter, or when you will it to be so, you and all the creatures the ritual took to the hollow return to the exact place they left. Only 1 hour of time has passed in the world. If you took an extended rest within the bole, you must wait 12 hours after your return to the world to take another one.

If you have assistance when performing this ritual, divide the casting time by the number of participants. The assistants all chant in a fey harmony while you perform the ritual. Anyone you want to assist you in this way can learn the proper harmony during an extended rest.