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Speak to the Youth Within
Divination 20
Time: 1 minute
Duration: 5 minutes
Component Cost: 2 healing surges and a focus (Torc of the Younger Self)
Market Price: -
Key Skill: Arcana

Speak to the Youth Within is a special ritual that is associated with the magic item Torc of the Younger Self. [Dr430:26]

Under the ritual's side text, it may first be discovered on an attempt to make a DC 34 Arcana check. If this check is successful, the user of the item may be aware of the other function of the item but doesn't yet know the ritual. Obtaining the ritual instead requires research on the torc's history, which may either involve hired sages or undergoing a quest to a specific location.

When the ritual is performed, the spirit of the caster from an earlier point in time appears. It is the person that the caster was at the time, and it approaches you with that perspective. The caster may converse with the spirit for the duration of the ritual, and can question themself with important knowledge when it is still fresh in the spirit's mind.