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Spiked chain
Attack bonus if proficient +3
Weapon dice ([W]) 2d4
Type melee
Handedness two-handed
Proficiency category superior
Weapon group
Weapon property reach
Price 30 gp
Weight 10 lb.

A spiked chain is a superior two-handed melee weapon in the flail weapon group.[PH:218][MME:21]

A spiked chain has reach, so a character wielding it can make attacks other than opportunity attacks on enemies either 1 or 2 squares away.

No class has proficiency with the spiked chain as a class trait, but any character can become proficient by taking a Weapon Proficiency feat or taking the Spiked Chain Training[Dr372:11] multiclass feat.

Eladrin duelists are thought to be the first to employ this weapon, and its combination of speed and elegance supports that theory. The spiked chain delivers raking blows from a distance. Like a whip or a flail, it can also wrap around a foe’s legs to send that enemy tumbling to the ground.


Feat Requirement Effect
Expert Chainfighter Shadar-kai, martial class Benefits with Deft Strike (Rogue), Dual strike (Fighter), Brash assault (Warlord), Twin Strike (Ranger)
Spiked Chain Training (Multiclass) Dex 13 Gain proficiency, and treat as a double weapon. Primary end gets Stout, and secondary end gets off-hand.
Spiked Chain Novice Spiked Chain Training, 4th level Swap a 3rd-level or higher encounter attack power for Chain Trip.
Spiked Chain Expert Spiked Chain Training, 8th level Swap a 6th-level or higher utility power for Chain Ward.
Spiked Chain Specialist Spiked Chain Training, 10th level Swap a 9th-level or higher daily attack power for Spiked Shackles