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Spirit of Healing
Cleric Utility 6

A glowing figure appears at your command, casting an aura of health over your allies.

Ranged 10

Effect: You conjure a spirit of healing in 1 square within range. The spirit lasts until the end of your next turn. When an ally in the spirit's square or adjacent to it hits an enemy, that ally regains hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier. As a move action, you can move the spirit 4 squares.

Sustain minor: The spirit persists.

Spirit of Healing is a 6th level Cleric utility power. It summons a sustainable spirit that aids in healing allies around a nearby space. [DP:34]

The original power listed in Divine Power allowed allies to regain hit points equal to twice your Wisdom modifier. This was changed in an update. The purpose was to limit the amount of hit points restored without using healing surges.