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Warding 5

The blue glow from your fey lamps might not be bright, but it reveals those who stalk in shadows.

Time: 10 minutes
Duration: 8 hours
Component Cost: 40 gp
Market Price: 250 gp
Key Skill: Nature

Starshine is a 5th-level ritual.[PrP:158]

When you complete the ritual, you create motes of blue light within 10 squares of you. Each mote hovers in a square of your choice and sheds dim light in a 2-square radius. The motes are intangible and cannot be interacted with. While within the radius of a mote's light, a creature takes a −5 penalty to Stealth checks.

Your Nature check determines the number of motes you create.

Nature Check Result Motes Created
19 or lower One
20–29 Three
30–39 Six
40 or higher Nine