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Strength (Str) measures a character’s physical power.

Strength is the key ability for Athletics skill checks.

Melee basic attacks are based on Strength, as are ranged basic attacks with heavy thrown weapons.

Strength determines the weight for your carrying, lifting and dragging capacities.

In addition, a character's Strength modifier or Constitution modifier, whichever is higher, will contribute to Fortitude defense.

Strength and Constitution are redundant with each other for the purpose of Fortitude defense, but Constitution has the additional benefit of improving hit points and healing surges. For this reason, Strength can be a dump stat for characters who don't depend on Strength for attack rolls, class features, or skill checks.

Classes with Strength as a primary key ability
cleric (battle cleric)
paladin ("straladin")
ranger (melee)
Classes with Strength as a secondary key ability
cleric (Wis primary, storm domain warpriest)
rogue (Dex primary, Brutal Scoundrel or Ruthless Ruffian scoundrel, or thief)
sorcerer (Cha primary, Cosmic Magic or Dragon Magic)
Races with a bonus to Strength
dwarf, goliath, minotaur, mul, orc, warforged (Str/Con)
bugbear, half-orc, thri-kreen (Str/Dex)
genasi (Str/Int)
goliath, minotaur, shifter (longtooth), svirfneblin (Str/Wis)
dragonborn, vryloka (Str/Cha)

See also[]

  • Crowbar, giving a +2 bonus to strength checks to break open locked doors or containers.