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Student of Malediction is a heroic tier, multiclass warlock feat available to characters with a Constitution score of at least 13, a Charisma score of at least 13, who did not begin as warlocks, and do not have a multiclass feat of a type other than multiclass warlock.

A character with the Student of Malediction feat can use the Warlock's Curse warlock class feature once per encounter. The curse ends the first time it deals extra damage.[AP:136]

In addition, the character becomes multiclassed as warlock. The character counts as a warlock, in addition to his or her original class, for the purpose of meeting prerequisites for feats, paragon paths, etc. The character gains proficiency with warlock implements, such as rods, wands, and pact blades.[U :11/2009]

The November 2009 update added proficiency with warlock implements to Student of Malediction.

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