Template:Infobox powerSummon giant toad is a 1st-level druid daily attack power. You summon an allied toad creature to do your bidding for you. The toad has hit points equal to your bloodied value, and defenses equal to your own. If it drops to zero hit points, it is destroyed, and you lose a healing surge. If you have no surges left, you instead lose HP equal to half your bloodied value. The toad has no healing surges of its own, but if a power allows it to spend a surge, you can spend one for it. The summoned toad lasts until the end of the encounter, or until dismissed as a minor action, then disappears.

You can command the creature by spending actions to control it mentally. Line of effect is required. When controlling, you share knowledge but not senses. As a minor action, you can command the toad to do one of the following, if capable: crawl, escape, fly, open/close a door or container, pick up/drop an item, run, stand, shift, squeeze, or walk. Commanding the toad to attack in battle is a standard action.[PrP:39][PH2:221]

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