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A Survival day is abstract adventuring gear in Dark Sun, used to represent being able to last one day in the harsh environment.[DSCS:123]

  • Price: 5 gp
  • Weight: 8 lb.

It is described as containing 1 day's worth of food and water (a half-gallon), along with salves to protect against the sun, clothing to retain body moisture, and insulation to warf off the night's chill after the sun sets. When consumed, the survival day protects the character from the desert heat until the end of the next extended rest or after 24 hous, whichever comes first. [DSCS:199]

One suggestion to creating a survival day is to produce them from a combination of food and water, although this simplistic method could technically allow an economic exploit.  

Two hazards are present in Athas if a survival day is not used:

Sun Sickness[]

Each daylight period in Athas causes an attack against fortitude (based on target's level) against unsupplied characters. A hit causes the target to contract Sun sickness, or if the target already has that condition, a loss of an additional healing surge.

It is possible to rest during the day, gaining a +4 to fortitude against the attack.

Night travel[]

Each 8-hour period spent travelling by night requires an endurance check against moderate DC. Failure causes a loss of a healing surge.