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"My blade is exquisite and deadly, as much a work of art as it is a weapon. And in my hands, it is unstoppable."[PH:88]

A swordmaster is a highly trained fighter particularly skilled in wielding non-polearm blades of any type.[PH:88]


Swordmasters use to wield their blade in defense as well as offense, gaining considerable skill in deflecting or parrying enemy attacks so as to seem nigh untouchable. Even inexperienced have the capability to make deadly charges with their blades, executing complicated techniques that require intense concentration. These swordmasters eventually learn to master these techniques to such a degree that they can execute them several times a day, weaving their way through the battlefield in a dance of steel.[PH:88]

Swordmasters are trained in several exploits, many of which require the use of their blade and which are fanciful and elegant in their manner. For instance, swordmasters are trained to use the injury of one enemy to distract another. Another technique, crescendo sword, has a swordmaster lash out against several enemies at once, forcing them off while allowing them a moment to regain the concentration they need for a more complex exploit. Not all exploits require the use of a blade, however, with precision cut, which deals a lethally precise blow, being an exception.[PH:88]