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The Age of Worms is a dark prophecy that foretells the rise of Kyuss, the Worm that Walks, and the rise of the undead.

The Leprous Chronicles[]

The Age of Worms is first mentioned in The Leprous Chronicles, the writings of an eladrin called Corbius.  Corbius would go insane, secluding himself on the Island of Fear. 

His writings referenced the Age of Worms and only one name, Kyuss, the Worm that Walks, Herald of the Age of Worms.   

The Age of Worms Prophecy[]

According to Corbius, the Age of Worms would see the rise of Kyuss and the undead rising.  The world would end by the great hunger. 

The Age of Worms and Kyuss is mentioned in Monster Manual 3, under the Sons/Spawn of Kyuss entry.  It is based on the Dungeons & Dragons World of Greyhawk setting.