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The Iron Sword of Elemental Power
Weapon: Sword
Enhancement: +2
Weapon of Arcane Power: You may apply the sword’s enhancement bonus to implement powers.

Weapon of elemental might (daily): Minor action. Until the end of the encounter, you may apply one of the following effects at the start of each of your turns.

  • Fiery Rebuke: Each foe adjacent to you takes 2 fire damage.
  • Buffeting Winds: Slide each creature adjacent to you 1 square.
  • Watery Step: You may shift 2 squares.
  • Earthen Grasp: Until the end of your turn, each foe you hit with the sword is slowed until the end of your next turn.

The Iron Sword of Elemental Power is a magic item described in Dragon 382's installment of Confessssions of a Full-Time Wizard. The article was a discussion about D&D 4e house rules performed by lead D&D designers. The weapon is in the Custom Spec sidebar, describing how Mike Mearls created a weapon in his campaign for a character played by James Wyatt.[Dr382:109]

This weapon is not included in the online compendium, despite being included in Dragon Magazine.