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The Last Legion is an organization intending to keep the former glory of Nerath alive.  It is an offshoot of the Nerathi Third Legion, an expendable company consisting of criminals, thieves and murderers drafted into military service until their crimes were paid, and organized by Captain Michael Forsythe. They gained their game at the battle of Freydor's Gap, and their victory was rewarded with only pardons for the few soldiers who survived the onslaught of orcs.[Dr396]

The third legion was sent away by one of King's eldest sons in an attempt to court with a woman bethrothed to a later commander of the third legion.  After a demonic invasion, the Third Legion was too far away to lend aid to the Last Battle against the White Ruin, and was the sole survivor of the entire Nerathian army.   The name was therefore changes to The Last Legion.


The legion generally has a couple hundred members in the main force, along with agents scattered acoss most towns in the Nentir Vale.  In the timeline which D&D normally takes, place, it is led by half-elf Captain Rule (a.k.a. Elsa Kristoff)


In herotic tier, the last legion pays 10 GP * level as a monthly salary, to cover incidental expenses.  Recruits are also supplied with a mundane weapon, letaht armor, a small shield and a colored armband to indicate their unit. 

At paragon tier, teams can requisition mundane items, horses and land vehicles within reasonable limits.  They may also request specialists, and may even request up to four soldiers per character on a given mission. 

Membership is generally associated with the following feats, although membership in the organization is not a prerequisite: