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Thunderborn Barbarian

Some barbarians can be mistaken for savage warriors bereft of magic at least until they rage. Whether you are raging or not, no one makes that mistake about you. Your ferocity and power have endeared you to the primal spirits of thunder. They circle around you, waiting for a time when you unleash them on your enemies.

When you stride into battle, low thunder rumbles around you. Even underground or on a clear day, the deep-throated murmur of distant storms accompanies you. When you charge, the growl grows into thunderclaps, sounding nearby. When you shriek your battle cry, a booming roar breaks over your enemies.

The faint-hearted cower before you. Those who are brave or foolish enough to stand before the rumble of your approach are laid low by your weapons and your rage.

New Class Feature

When you choose your feral Might, you can choose Thunderborn Wrath instead of another option, such as in Player's Handbook 2.

Thunderborn Wrath: You gain the war cry power. In addition, once per round when your attack bloodies an enemy, each enemy adjacent to you takes thunder damage equal to your Constitution modifier.

Suggested Options

Thunderborn barbarians lean toward controller as a secondary role. Powers improved by Thunderborn Wrath includes blasts, which allow you to affect small groups of enemies, so it pays to move as close to as many enemies as possible. Consider favoring feats and powers that allow you to move more easily around the battlefield.

Like other barbarians, you should make Strength your highest ability score. Constitution should be your second-highest score, since Thunderborn Wrath powers often rely on it.

Suggested class feature: Thunderborn wrath

Suggested Feat: Thunderborn Rage

Suggested Skills: Athletics, Intimidate, Nature

Suggested At-Will Powers: howling strike, howl of fury

Suggested Encounter Power: shout of terror

Suggested Daily Power: tryant's rage