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Treasure is anything that has inherent value. 

In D&D, treasure normally appears as magical items to enhance power, or as things with significant monetary value (coins, gems, or art objects).

Treasure by level[]

There are three means to distribute treasure.

The first method was involves the distribution of treasure parcels. [DMG:126] There are ten treasure parcels at a given level - four of them are permanent magical items, and the other six are a combination monetary treasure or consumable magic items. Based on party size, parcels may be added or removed based the party. Additionally, using the automatic enhancement bonus rules also requires removing two parcels (or 1 parcel if there are less than four characters.)

The second method is generated by random roll. [RC:298] As with parcels, each level should have 10 treasure rolls. At a given level, a d20 is rolled four times to represent each of the available treasure types. If there are more or less than five characters, there is a +2/-2 modifier for each additional or missing character.

The third method is introduced in Living Forgotten Realms, where each character is given a choice of treasures to pick from at the end of the module - a character can forgo the reward and declare that he found a magic item for the given level. Of note, characters may only obtain one permanent magic item per level, and other treasure rewards must be monetary.

See also[]

  • Dungeon Magazine 203, Art of the Ancients, physical descriptions of art objects from the Draconic, Diabolical, Dwarven, Fey and Goblinoid empires.