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When you punch, kick, elbow, knee, or even head butt an opponent, you’re making an unarmed strike. A simple unarmed attack is treated as an improvised weapon. Creatures that have natural weapons such as claws or bite attacks are proficient with those natural weapons.


See also[]

  • Bladeling:
  • Disincarnate (Rakshasa Incarnation - +3 proficiency, +6 enhancement, 1d10 damage, high-crit, +5d6 critical hit)
  • Elemental Initiate (+2 proficiency bonus, 1d6 damage.)
  • Fighter (Brawler Style - +2 enhancement bonus to unarmed attacks)
    • Brutal Brawler (unarmed damage to 1d6, spiked gauntlets to 1d8)
    • Clobbering Brawler (Daze on an unarmed melee basic critical hit)
  • Monk (Monk Unarmed Strike - +3 proficiency bonus, off-hand, and 1d8 damage)