The Unkillable revenant is a D&D character build, known to exploit death saving throw bonuses in combination with the Raven Consort epic destiny.

As long as the character is a Revenant, it can be applied to almost any build as long as the Revenant chooses the Shadar-kai soul. The Shadar-kai can use elements from this build, but won't be as powerful compared to the revenant.

When playing this build, you might have the main effectiveness of your class reduced slightly. You may also need to watch for the few enemies that have a dangerous ability when they reduce a creature to zero hit points.


The build is made powerful with any of the following feats, mostly focusing on improving death saving throws, or by granting extra abilities during the "dying" zone. Other feats may be helpful in the build, but are not required.

Heroic Tier

Paragon Tier

  • Death Scorned (Con 13): +1 bonus to death saving throws, and don't die from failed death saving throws until you failed a number of rolls equal to 1 + con modifier (maximum 5)
  • Fierce Vitality: Remain conscious until failing two death saving throws.

Epic Tier



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