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Unseen Servant
Creation 1

Why bother with real servants when magical ones are so much more obedient?

Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Until your next extended rest or until you dismiss the servant
Component Cost: 20 gp, plus a focus worth at least 25 gp
Market Price: 50 gp
Key Skill: Arcana (no check)

Unseen Servant is a 1st-level ritual.[AP:158]

You conjure a Medium unseen servant of invisible force. It obeys your commands. moves at your speed, can lift up to 100 pounds, and performs basic functions and repetitive tasks, such as cleaning, making camp, and moving, holding, or carrying objects.

An unseen servant never tires. It cannot move more than 20 squares from your space. It does not occupy any space and cannot attack or be attacked. Each unseen servant you currently control doubles the component cost to create the next.

Focus: A ceramic hand. The person who holds this focus is empowered to command any unseen servants summoned with it. If the focus is broken or not in anyone's possession for a minute or longer, all unseen servants bound to it disappear.

See also[]

  • Unseen Servant's Hand: Magic item that conjures a second unseen servant, and causes both servants to lift 300 pounds.