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Hello, my name is FrontButt, and you are viewing the greatest revisionary user page ever!

I am, as it seems at the moment, the head admin on this Fandom site. That does not mean I am a Wiki Moderator, that's u/MovieSign. However, I am the one for any questions or concerns for any of the following:

  • General questions on wiki rules and guidelines
  • Verification on content to add to the wiki with concerns regarding copyright/4e GSL/4e SRD
  • Violations of the wiki's guidelines or rules with pages or specific content on pages

Please post these question onto my Message Wall to best receive answers in a timely manner.

Don't worry, I'll be updating this page as well as many others to prevent stubs, but I am mostly consumed by updated the wiki to the latest guidelines to prevent the nuclear option like with the D&D 5th Edition Fandom site. Currently, I am fairly occupied with full-time work and full-time college, so I apologize for any late updates/responses. I will check in once a week at least.

Favorite Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Favorite pages

Here is a list of my favorite pages on this fandom:

Greatest Contributions

Here is a list of my greatest contributions on this fandom:

  • General Wiki
    • Featured Image and Welcome sections on Main Page
      • Major Updates to the following sections:
        • Helping Out - To clarify and provide more link options
        • More Topics - To format to match updates to other sections on the main page
        • Quick Reference - To include more quick options that are popular
    • Added message walls to profiles
    • Wikia Banner Editor
      • Berylium Font for Wordmark (CC0) - Source
      • Dragon Banner Image (CC0) - Source
      • Dragon Icon (CC0 Icon) - Source
    • Wikia Top Ribbon Editor
    • Forum
    • Game Designers/Developers Pages
    • Templates


  • General
    • Working on updating the quick reference table on the Feats page to be organized in a better fashion
Source Book Feats
Dragon Magazines Explosive Power
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide Angharradh's Favor, Avowed Dragonfoe, Berronar's Salve, Blessing of Silvanus, Broken Shackles, Chauntea's Blessing, Clutch of Darkness, Elemental Assault, Escalating Assault, Eyes of Selûne, Fleetness of Mielikki, Ghostwise Heritage, Versatile Resistance (Fixed), War Wizardry

Paragon Paths

Source Book Paragon Paths
Book of Vile Darkness Blood-Crazed Berserker, Contract Killer
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide Anarch of Shyr, Coronal Guard, Darkwalker, Doomguide, Drow Wanderer, Eartheart Defender, Elemental Tempest, Heartwarder, Morninglord, Purple Dragon Knight, Steelsky Liberator, Sword Coast Corsair, Umbriri, War Wizard of Cormyr, Whirlwind Genasi, Wildfire Genasi