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This article is about the class. For the race with vampiric qualities, see vryloka.

Vampire is a shadow striker class in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[HoS:49]

Shadow Striker: Infused with the power of darkness and having already experienced death, you are a lethal creature of the night. As your power increases, your supernatural nature comes to the fore- but will your humanity pay the price?[HoS:49]

You are a monster, fated and infected by a vile curse that transformed you into a creature of nightmares. Normal emotions have become alien to you. Only cold , gnawing hunger remains. Most of those who become vampires are victims of monstrous attacks, created by a callous hunter who drained them dry of blood and life force, then cast them aside. Others seek out this path from their own fear of inarmity and death, discovering the arcane rites and alchemical formulas that promise dark power. In some cases, a character finds his or her vampirism invoked by an ancient family curse, or that he or she is a member of an extended clan of vampires who pass their blood down to those they deem worthy-whether by choice or not. Whatever their origins, vampire characters are not slaves to their creators. Even those beholden to an older vampire retain free will, and have a chance to avoid sinking into the bestial depravity so common among their kind. Vampire characters are the most exceptional examples of those who carry this dark curse, using their powers not solely for murder and personal gain. Some become the greatest of heroes, but even those vampires are aware that few among the common folk have the ability to see past the frightening reality of their dark nature. Avoiding the scrutiny of superstitious folk and disguising his or her needs and abilities serves a vampire best. Trusted companions, enemies 

Class Traits[]

  • Hit Points: You start with hit points equal to 12 + your Constitution score. You gain 5 hit points each time you gain a level. 
  • Bonuses to Defenses: +1 to Fortitude, +1 to Will. +2 shield bonus to AC (see vampiric reflexes)
  • Healing Surges per Day: 2 
  • Armor Proficiencies: Cloth 
  • Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, simple ranged 
  • Implement Proficiencies: Holy symbols, ki focuses 

Class Skills[]

  • Class Skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Arcana (lnt). Athletics (Str), Bluff(Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), History (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Perception (Wis), Religion (Int), Stealth (Dex), Thievery (Dex) 
  • Trained Skills: Four from the list of class skills

Child of the Night[]

Vampires are an undead creature, and are unaffected by anything that affects only living creatures. They do not need to breathe, and don't age. Unlike most undead, they still need to sleep.

  • Vampires have darkvision.
  • Resist 5 necrotic
  • Vulnerable 5 radiant
  • If a vampire ends the turn in direct sunlight and lack a protective covering such as a cloak or other heavy clothing, they take 5 radiant damage (plus damage from radiant vulnerability), and is weakened (save ends). If the vampire drops below 1 hit point from this damage, they are instantly destroyed.

Blood is Life[]

Once during a short rest, an ally adjacent to you can willingly lose one healing surge to allow you to regain hit points equal to your bloodied value.

If the vampire ends a short rest with more healing surges than the usual number of healing surges for the day, he loses any healing surges beyond that number but regains all hit points.

Enduring Soul[]

While bloodied, the vampire gains regeneration equal to charisma modifier. If the vampire takes radiant damage, the regeneration does not function until the end of your next turn.

Hidden Might[]

The vampire gains a bonus to damage rolls of vampire powers and vampire paragon path powers. The bonus equals the vampire's charisma modifier. The bonus incrases to 2+Charisma modifier at 5th level, 4 + Charisma modifier at 15th level, and 6 + Charisma modifier at 25th level.

Vampiric Reflexes[]

Vampires gain a +2 shield bonus to AC while wearing cloth armor or no armor, and aren't using a shield.

Vampire Powers[]

At 1st level, vampires receive three at-will powers.

Vampires have special progression at the following levels:

  • 4th level: receive strength of blood
  • 7th level: Extra use of blood drinker but can only use it once per turn.
  • 8th level: Gain climb speed equal to your speed, but ending a turn on a ceiling or similar surface causes a fall.
  • 13th level: Extra healing surge
  • 19th level: Losing a healing surge as part of a vampire or paragon path attack power grants temporary hit points equal to half the vampire's level.
  • 23rd level: Blood dringer gives temporary hit points equal to 5 + charisma modifier. If triggered by taste of life, it is instead 5 + twice charisma modifier.
At-will attack powers
  • dark beckoning [HoS:53]
  • Taste of life[HoS:53]
  • Vampire slam[HoS:53]
Encounter attack powers Daily attack powers Utility powers
1st level
  • Blood drinker [HoS:53]
1st level
  • Swarm of shadows[HoS:53]
2nd level
  • Charming gaze[HoS:54]
  • Hunter's gaze[HoS:54]
4th level (strength of blood
  • Strength of blood[HoS:54]
3rd level
  • Feral assault[HoS:54]
5th level
  • Unfettered hunger[HoS:55]
6th level
  • Form of the bat[HoS:55]
7th level
  • Blood drinker (extra use)
9th level
  • Domineering gaze[HoS:55]
10th level
  • Gaseious form[HoS:55]
13th level
  • none (extra healing surge)
15th level
  • Hungry swarm (replace swarm of shadows)[HoS:58]
16th level
  • Shared blood[HoS:58]
17th level
  • Unleashed fury (replace feral assault)[HoS:58]
19th level
  • None (vital consumption)
22nd level
  • Blood drinker's pounce[HoS:59]
  • Culling call[HoS:59]
23rd level
  • None (energized blood drinker)
25th level
  • Irresistible Gaze (replace domineering gaze)[HoS:60]
27th level
  • Nothing
29th level
  • Consuming swarm (replace hungry swarm)[HoS:60]

Vampire Paragon path[]

  • Vampire Noble - also allows selection among beguiler or stalker bloodline.


  • Vampires were introduced in Heroes of Shadow as a character class. This decision was made as it allowed Vampires to have a better range of abilities than could otherwise be given as a race. [1][2]