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Vecna's Final Command
Feat Utility

Special: You can only use one channel divinity power per encounter.

Trigger: A creature within 5 squares of you drops below 1 hit point

Target: The triggering creature in the burst

Effect: The target makes a basic attack as a free action against a creature you choose

Vecna's Final Command is a Vecna divinity feat and power, available to adventurers with any channel divinity power. [BoVD] It was additionally published in Dragon Magazine 395, Channel Divinity: Vecna.


  • The April 2012 update added "as a free action" after "makes a basic attack".
  • The errata for Dragon Magazine 395 mentions that the power is an attack power, not a utility power. This change wasn't reflected in the Book of Vile Darkness republication, in said book's errata, nor in the online compendium.
  • The Dragon Magazine version also needed to have the channel divinity rider added.