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Virtue's touch
paladin utility

Daily (Special) ✦ divine

Special: A character can use virtue's touch a number of times per day equal to the character's Wisdom modifier or 1, whichever is higher. A character can use virtue's touch no more than once per round.

Target: one creature

Effect: "You remove one condition from the target: blinded, dazed, deafened, slowed, stunned, or weakened."[DP:82]

Virtue's touch is a daily power granted to paladins who select it for the Lay on Hands class feature.

Paladins with the Lay on Hands class feature may choose to learn any one of lay on hands, ardent vow, or virtue's touch.


  • This power is incorrectly referred to as call of virtue in Divine Power, in relation to the feats Strength of Stone, Touch of Salvation, Untiring Virtue, and Pious Champion.[1]