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Virulent Weapon
Level 3+
A pestilential fluid weeps from pits marring the weapon's surface.

Level 3: +1 680gp
Level 8: +2 3,400gp
Level 13: +3 17,000gp
Level 18: +4 85,000gp
Level 23: +5 4,25,000gp
Level 28: +6 2,125,000gp

Weapon: Light Blade
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 poison damage per plus
Property: Poison applied to this weapon gains a +2 item bonus to its attack rolls.

The Virulent Weapon is a drow-wrought magic item, suitable for poisoning foes. [Dr367:39]


  • This weapon doesn't appear in the online compendium, therefore it's rariy cannot be determined. (Based on other nearby items, treat it as uncommon.)