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Voice of Fate
Divination 26

A booming voice heard only by the ritual participants provides guidance for your future actions.

Time: 1 hour
Duration: Instantaneous
Component Cost: 45,000 gp, plus 5 healing surges
Market Price: 225,000 gp
Key Skill: Religion

Voice of Fate is a 26th-level ritual.[PH:314]

You consult an entity of fate—perhaps a servant of Avandra, Ioun, Pelor, or the Raven Queen—for a glimpse into what the future holds. You ask questions, and a rumbling voice replies.

Your Religion check determines the number of questions you can ask.

Religion Check Result Number of Questions
24 or lower Three
25–29 Four
30–34 Five
35–39 Six
40 or higher Seven

Your questions must relate to a specific goal, event, or activity that has yet to occur. Since what is yet to occur is not known by any mortal being, the answers need not be known by any creature, alive or dead. This ritual can answer only questions related to events occurring within the next 7 days. After that, the skein of possibilities is too indistinct to gain useful information.

The guidance from the entity of fate is accurate, but great heroes are capable of thwarting fate, at least for a time. If the ritual reveals that a course of action is “certain doom,” you should realize that nothing is truly certain until it happens. In addition, the entity of fate assumes that you will act on its guidance completely and immediately. If you don’t act on the information, or if you change the conditions in existence when you performed the ritual, then the guidance might no longer be useful.