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"Words of magic, words of steel. My story is written with both."[1][FRPG:68]

Wandering Swordmages do not tie themselves to a specific style or school, instead they build their own style to be fluid to match techniques they enjoy and have gathered from all lands they have traveled. Often times, they favor outlandish styles created by masters that do not fit into normal swordmage schools.[1][FRPG:68]

These swordmages look towards local folklore and ancient tales to learn of styles long past. This search can lead them to interacting with the anarchs of Shyr, Coronal Guard, and Umbriri to understand what they employed for their unique styles. The styles they learn allow wandering swordmages to keep an edge in combat as they are not as well-known as typically swordmage styles. This pursuit of knowledge usually lends them to becoming adventurers to best travel the land with others that can teach them their own styles of combat.[1][FRPG:68]

Wandering Swordmage Features[]

Aegis Insight (11th level): Whenever the wandering swordmage uses the aegis of assault or aegis of shielding powers, their power’s burst radius increases.[1][FRPG:68]

People's History (11th level): Wandering swordmages have increased History checks as they have wandered far and wide.[1][FRPG:68]

Teleportation Action (11th level): Whenever the wandering swordmage spends an action point to take an extra action, they can teleport a moderate range of squares before taking the extra action.[1][FRPG:68]

Learn from Experience (16th level): Whenever an enemy scores a critical hit against the wandering swordmage, they gain a bonus on their next attack roll and damage roll against that creature for a set duration during that encounter.[1][FRPG:68]

Wandering Swordmage Spells[]

Four Corners Attack (11th-level Attack): An encounter-based action as part of a melee weapon attack that causes the wandering swordmage to make two attacks. On a hit with the first attack, the target takes a moderate amount of damage. On a hit with the second attack, depending on what kind of save it relates to, the swordmage could deal normal damage to the target and knocked them prone, become slowed for a short duration, or become dazed for a short duration.[1][FRPG:68]

Arcane Tanglestep (12th-level Utility Power): An encounter-based reaction that relies on a marked enemy to attack a nearby ally. When triggered, the wandering swordmage uses their aegis of assault or aegis of warding powers to teleport a moderate number of squares alongside the enemy related to that trigger.[1][FRPG:68]

Heritage of Blades (20th-level Attack): A daily action where the wandering swordmage can have nearby allies and themselves gain a minor bonus to Armor Class and the Reflex defense. When activated, the wandering swordmage can use their minor action to deal a moderate amount of force damage to a nearby enemy.[1][FRPG:68]

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