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Warding chaos
warlock utility

Special: A character can use this power no more than once per round.

Trigger: The user reduces an enemy to 0 hit points, or an enemy adjacent to the user drops to 0 hit points.

Effect: The user gains resist 5 acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder until the end of the user's next turn. The user can shift up to a number of squares equal to his or her Constitution modifier.

Warding chaos is a warlock at-will utility power. It is the elemental pact boon granted at 1st level to hexblade warlocks who choose the elemental pact. Once per round, in response to dropping an enemy to 0 hit points or being adjacent to an enemy that is dropped to 0 hit points, the warlock can use warding chaos as a free action to gain resistance to multiple damage types and to shift.[HotEC:98]