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This article is about items used as weapons. For the weapon keyword, see weapon (keyword).

A weapon, whether melee like a club or ranged like a crossbow, must be wielded by a character in order to use a power with the weapon keyword. If the character lacks a weapon, unarmed attack counts as a melee weapon. The weapon die of a weapon determines the damage of most weapon attack powers. Proficiency with a weapon, which may be granted by a class trait, racial trait, or feat, adds a bonus to attack rolls made using the weapon.

Weapons in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons vary in complexity, weight, fighting style, damage, accuracy, and so on.

This chart lists only basic weapon properties. Magic weapons like +3 flaming longswords and +2 pact daggers have additional properties such as enhancement bonuses not covered here.

Melee weapons

Simple melee weapons

Club PHB +2 1d6 1gp 3 Mace
Dagger PHB +3 1d4 5/10 1gp 1 Light blade Off-hand, light thrown
Javelin PHB +2 1d6 10/20 5gp 2 Spear Heavy thrown
Light mace MME +2 1d6 3gp 2 Mace Off-hand, small
Mace PHB +2 1d8 5gp 6 Mace Versatile
Short spear MME +2 1d6 5/10 2gp 1 Spear Light thrown, off-hand, small
Sickle PHB +2 1d6 2gp 2 Light blade Off-hand
Spear PHB +2 1d8 5gp 6 Spear Versatile
Spiked gauntlet AV +2 1d6 5gp 1 Unarmed Off-hand
Talid DSCS +2 1d6 5gp 1 Unarmed Off-hand
Widow's Knife DSCS +3 1d4 5/10 1gp 1 Light blade Light thrown, Off-hand
Wrist Razors DSCS +3 1d4 1gp 1 Light blade Off-hand
Greatclub PHB +2 2d4 1gp 10 Mace
Morningstar PHB +2 1d10 10gp 8 Mace
Quarterstaff PHB +2 1d8 5gp 4 Staff
Scythe PHB +2 2d4 5gp 10 Heavy blade

Military melee weapons

Battleaxe PHB +2 1d10 15gp 6 Axe Versatile
Broadsword AV +2 1d10 20gp 5 Heavy blade Versatile
Flail PHB +2 1d10 10gp 5 Flail Versatile
Handaxe PHB +2 1d6 5/10 5gp 3 Axe Off-hand, heavy thrown
Khopesh AV +2 1d8 20gp 8 Axe, heavy blade Brutal 1, versatile
Lance MME +2 1d10 12gp 10 Spear Mounted, small, versatile
Light war pick AV +2 1d6 10gp 4 Pick High crit, off-hand, small
Longsword PHB +3 1d8 15gp 4 Heavy blade Versatile
Rapier PHB +3 1d8 25gp 2 Light blade
Scimitar PHB +2 1d8 10gp 4 Heavy blade High crit
Scourge AV +2 1d8 3gp 2 Flail Off-hand
Short sword PHB +3 1d6 10gp 2 Light blade Off-hand
Throwing hammer PHB +2 1d6 5/10 5gp 2 Hammer Off-hand, heavy thrown
Trident AV +2 1d8 3/6 10gp 4 Spear Heavy thrown, versatile
Warhammer PHB +2 1d10 15gp 5 Hammer Versatile
War pick PHB +2 1d8 15gp 6 Pick High crit, small, versatile
Alhulak DSCS +3 1d8 20gp 5 Flail Versatile
Carrikal DSCS +2 1d8 15gp 6 Axe Brutal 2
Falchion PHB +3 2d4 25gp 7 Heavy blade High crit
Glaive PHB +2 2d4 25gp 10 Heavy blade, polearm Reach
Greataxe PHB +2 1d12 30gp 12 Axe High crit
Greatsword PHB +3 1d10 30gp 8 Heavy blade
Halberd PHB +2 1d10 25gp 12 Axe, polearm Reach
Heavy flail PHB +2 2d6 25gp 10 Flail
Heavy war pick AV +2 1d12 20gp 8 Pick High crit, small
Longspear PHB +2 1d10 10gp 9 Polearm, spear Reach
Maul PHB +2 2d6 30gp 12 Hammer
Pike MME +2 1d10 15gp 6 Polearm, spear Reach, small
Trikal DSCS +2 1d10 25gp 12 Axe, Polearm Reach

Superior melee weapons

Bastard sword PHB +3 1d10 30gp 6 Heavy blade Versatile
Craghammer AV +2 1d10 20gp 6 Hammer Brutal 2, versatile
Katar PHB +3 1d6 3gp 1 Light blade Off-hand, high crit
Kukri AV +2 1d6 10gp 2 Light blade Brutal 1, off-hand
Net DSCS +2 1d6 2/5 20gp 6 Flail Heavy thrown, off-hand
Parrying dagger AV +2 1d4 5gp 1 Light blade Defensive, off-hand
Serrated pick MME +2 1d10 15gp 4 Pick High crit, small
Spiked shield AV +2 1d6 10gp 7 Light blade (and light shield) Off-hand
Tratnyr AV +2 1d8 10/20 10gp 5 Spear Heavy thrown, versatile
Triple-headed flail AV +3 1d10 15gp 6 Flail Versatile
Waraxe AV +2 1d12 30gp 10 Axe Versatile
Whip MME +3 1d4 10gp 2 Flail Off-hand, reach
Gauntlet Axe DSCS +2 1d8 25gp 3 Axe Defensive, Off-hand
Puchik DSCS +3 1d6 3gp 1 Light blade Off-hand, high crit
Singing Stick DSCS +3 1d6 40gp 2 Mace Defensive, Off-hand
Tortoise Blade DSCS +2 1d6 10gp 7 Light blade (and light shield) Off-hand
Whip DSCS +3 1d4 1gp 2 Flail Off-hand, reach
Execution axe AV +2 1d12 30gp 14 Axe Brutal 2, high crit
Fullblade AV +3 1d12 30gp 10 Heavy blade High crit
Garrote D373 +3 1d4 1gp 1 Garrote High crit, small
Gouge DSCS +2 2d6 30gp 12 Axe, spear Brutal 1
Greatspear AV +3 1d10 25gp 8 Polearm, spear Reach
Mordenkrad AV +2 2d6 30gp 12 Hammer Brutal 1
Spiked chain PHB +3 2d4 30gp 10 Flail Reach
Zadatl Dr 391 +2 1d8 30gp 7 Polearm, Spear High crit, Reach
Double Weapons
Double axe AV +2 1d10/1d10 40gp 15 Axe Double weapon, off-hand
Double flail AV +2 1d8/1d8 30gp 11 Flail Double weapon, defensive, off-hand
Double sword AV +3 1d6/1d6 40gp 9 Light blade Double weapon, defensive, off-hand
Urgrosh AV +2 1d12/1d6 30gp 8 Axe, spear Double weapon, defensive, off-hand
Cahulaks DSCS +2 1d8/1d8 3/6 25gp 9 Flail Double weapon, Heavy thrown, Reach, Off-hand
Dragon Paw DSCS +2 1d8/1d6 40gp 10 Heavy blade, Light blade Double weapon, Defensive, Stout, Off-hand
Gythka DSCS +2 1d8/1d8 5/10 25gp 9 Spear Double weapon, Defensive, Heavy thrown, Off-hand
Lotulis DSCS +2 1d10/1d8 40gp 9 Heavy blade Double weapon, Defensive, Stout, Off-hand
Kusari-gama Dr 404 +2 1d10/1d6 10gp 3 Flail, Light blade Double weapon, Defensive, Reach, Off-hand

Improvised melee weapons

Any PHB n/a 1d4 1-5 None
Unarmed attack PHB n/a 1d4 Unarmed
Any PHB n/a 1d8 6-12 None

Ranged weapons

Simple ranged weapons

Dejada DSCS +2 1d8 10/20 10gp 2 Sling Load free
Hand crossbow PHB +2 1d6 10/20 25gp 2 Crossbow

Load free

Sling PHB +2 1d6 10/20 1gp 0 Sling Load free
Crossbow PHB +2 1d8 15/30 25gp 4 Crossbow Load minor
Repeating crossbow AV +2 1d8 10/20 35gp 6 Crossbow Load free, requires magazine

Military ranged weapons

Chatkcha DSCS +2 1d6 6/12 10gp 2 Light blade Light thrown
Longbow PHB +2 1d10 20/40 30gp 3 Bow Load free
Shortbow PHB +2 1d8 15/30 25gp 2 Bow Load free, small

Superior ranged weapons

Bola D368 +3 1d4 4/8 5gp 2 Flail Light thrown
Shuriken (5) PHB +3 1d4 6/12 1gp 1/2 Light blade Light thrown
Talenta boomerang EPG +2 1d4 10/20 5gp 1 Light blade Light thrown
Xen'drik boomerang EPG +2 1d6 6/12 10gp 2 Light blade Light thrown
Blowgun D373 +3 1d4 5/10 5gp 2 Blowgun Load minor, small
Greatbow AV +2 1d12 25/50 30gp 5 Bow Load free
Superior crossbow AV +3 1d10 20/40 30gp 6 Crossbow Load minor

Improvised ranged weapons

Any PHB n/a 1d4 5/10 1 None

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