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A weapon group consists of similar weapons that are classified together for rules purposes.

Fourth edition rules usually apply to entire weapon groups rather than individual types of weapons. For example, the Archer Warlord optional class feature for warlords lets a character use Strength instead of Dexterity when making a ranged basic attack with any weapon in the bow weapon group.

The weapon groups are:

Weapon group Weapons
Axe waraxe, etc.
Bow shortbow, etc.
Crossbow hand crossbow, etc.
Flail heavy flail, etc.
Hammer warhammer, etc.
Heavy blade falchion, glaive, longsword, scimitar, etc.
Light blade dagger, etc.
Mace club, etc.
Pick war pick, etc.
Polearm glaive, etc.
Sling dejada, etc.
Spear trident, etc.
Staff quarterstaff, etc.
Unarmed spiked gauntlet, etc.