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The Whooshwagon is a huge vehicle invented by the Tinker gnomes. [Dr422:13]

  • Price: 1250gp
  • Size: Huge
  • HP: 250
  • Space: 2 by 3 squares
  • Defenses: AC 10, Fortitude 15, Reflex 3
  • Speed 8
  • Driver: A wagon's driver must hold the steering apparatus at the front with at least one hand. Otherwise, the vehicle goes out of control.
  • Load: Six medium creatures; 500 pounds of gear
  • Out of control: If out-of-control, it moves forward at half speed.
  • Cover: The wagon provides cover to its passengers
  • Gnomish Construction: Any character other than a Tinker gnome must make an Arcana or Thievery skill check (East DC) when attempting to drive or turn. Failure causes the vehicle to come to a stop at the beginning of the pilot's turn. Failure by 5 or more causes a crash.