“Sheath your sword fool, or I’ll melt it to slag in your hands.”[1][FRPG:71]

A fire rages deep within those genasi with a firesoul, yet only some genasi with this manifestation realize its true potential. A Wildfire Genasi has a raging inferno within them that they have mastered. They can use this inferno to commit acts of both beauty and destruction, much like fire itself. These genasi need to bare in mind the strength of fire to release its warmth without burning what they love.[1][FRPG:71]

As a force of fire incarnate, fire is the life blood of these genasi. Any enemies will burn away to ash if they get too close to them, and weapons may simply melt within the hands. Much like a fire, a wildfire genasi may wish to spread throughout the Realm and becoming an adventurer may be the best way to do so. Sometimes, they pair up with Elemental Tempests to better understand the capabilities of fire when paired with other elements.[1][FRPG:71]

Wildfire Genasi Features

Fiery Surge (11th level): Whenever the genasi spend an action point to take an extra action, all nearby enemies take fire damage, and the genasi gains a minor bonus to attack rolls with the fire keyword for a short duration.[1][FRPG:71]

Control the Flames (11th level): When manifesting their firesoul, the genasi share their racial fire resistance with any nearby allied creatures.[1][FRPG:71]

Firesoul Aura (16th level): The genasi is surrounded by a flickering shroud of flame at all times. If an enemy hits the genasi with a melee attack, it takes a moderate amount of fire damage.[1][FRPG:71]

Wildfire Genasi Powers

Firesoul Combustion (11th-level Attack): An encounter-based action where the genasi emits a close-ranged fiery burst. Each enemy the genasi hits within the burst's range takes a moderate amount of fire damage and gain vulnerability to fire for a short duration.[1][FRPG:71]

Embers of Life (12th-level Utility Power): A daily interrupt that allows the genasi to spend a healing surge when low on hit points.[1][FRPG:71]

Firesoul Conflagration (20th-level Attack): A daily action where the genasi emits a close-ranged dazzling fiery burst. Each enemy the genasi hits within the burst's range takes a moderate amount of fire damage, ongoing fire damage, and is dazed for the duration thereafter. This damage ignores resistances and immunities.[1][FRPG:71]

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